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Committing to 10 minutes a Day: WHY it works!

In my 20's, I used to think workouts were all or nothing, 1-1.5 hours spent in the gym or in class + that I had to be sweating bullets and sore as heck the next day. It was unattainable, unapproachable and did nothing for my body. Then, as I hit my mid twenties, I began teaching in the fitness industry and realized that I was not achieving results that way, lacking consistent strength training and hitting cardio too hard. Then, came COVID.

After the pandemic and the "virtual surge" of workouts, trainers all over the world like myself began shifting content online. We hustled hard to bring tons of exercise videos and classes to everyone as much as we could. At first, I was teaching 2-3 classes a day, 3 days a week for clients. And private sessions on top of that. It was wonderful and exciting to watch Travelfit grow day by day, but my body was exhausted. I got hip flexor pain again, knee pain, hamstring pain, low back pain. Simply from overuse, not the workouts. I had to back-off on class lengths and LIVE classes because it was becoming too difficult to maintain.

I began teaching smarter, long classes only 2-3 days a week. Then short classes sporadically throughout the week. Instead of teaching a bunch of long classes in a row, I would switch it up and do 10, 20 or 30 minute classes some days. I began noticing the benefits of just 10 minutes every day.

Then, I became a mom. Ben was born January 5, 2022 and I had an unexpected C Section. I had trained and exercised up until birth, but I lost so much muscle and endurance from surgery/those first three months. I knew as a new mom I was not going to be able to take full length classes, so I would take all of the 5-15 minute videos on my platform every time that I had a free moment between breastfeeding, cleaning and napping. It was life-changing. I was so sleep deprived, so weak and sometimes not in the best mood. But BOOM, in ten short minutes my heart-rate would go up, endorphins would flow in and my body and heart would already feel SO much better.

January to July, I made a promise to myself to try and commit to 10 minute gentle workouts 2-3x a week to start. Then, as I got stronger I could build to 20, 25, 30 minute workouts and eventually 45 minutes. Consistency and putting my mental health first proved entirely successful. At 6 months post-op/postpartum, my abdominal gapping improved drastically, my endurance was so much better and I was able to do full length classes again with no issues. All because I began with 10 minutes a day.

This is simply to say, you don't need to do a long workout for it to be a great one. You don't need to do long classes to achieve results. All you need is 10 minutes a day, consistency and a willingness to commit to yourself each week.

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