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The Top 4 Most Comfortable Activewear Brands

This is just my opinion, but as someone who has worked in fitness for YEARS now and tried so many different designers, these 5 are my ultimate favorite because simply- they feel like pajamas. At almost 32, I want that for my fitness attire. NO more super plastic-y, gripping activewear for me!

  1. BEYOND YOGA - I had to apply to be an ambassador for this brand because HOLY MOLY I LOVE EVERYTHING THEY MAKE. Honestly, I have to stop watching their instagram sometimes because I want every single item they come out with. I own 8 beyond yoga sets because I could truly sleep in them all. When I teach classes, I want flattering sets, but I also want to be extraordinarily comfortable. Beyond Yoga hits the nail on the head.

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2. LULULEMON - coming in strong at #2, I still wear my align leggings almost 4x a week. The whole ALIGN line is just brilliant and although not every set at LULU is super soft, most are. I find myself wanting to branch out and try different brands but no one gets the softness, stretchiness and quality like lulu does.

3. TRAVELFIT - Hear me out, this isn't just a self promotion thing. I was VERY wary of the printing company that handles our shop attire, but after ordering and testing everything, I was proven by PRINTFUL that their company makes amazing activewear. I am so pleased!!! Not only do the Travelfit Sportsbras and leggings feel stretchy and soft, but they don't slide off my waist. I have so many clients that bought them and still wear them daily too, because of their durability. And they don't shrink in the wash!

4. GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVE - okay, so not the top softest, but still pretty darn comfortable. This carbon friendly company is amazing, inclusive and empowering. They make their sets out of recycled items and I was concerned about whether they would be soft, but yes-- they were fantastic!

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