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With this bundle, you will receive 7 videos and a free consultation to help guide you safely through exercising during pregnancy. As a pre and post natal certified trainer, and a new mom of a 10 month old Kayley specializes in pregnancy training and helping women recover from birth (pelvic floor re-training, disastasis recti/ abdominal separation). 

After purchasing this bundle you will receive:

-One pregnancy modification/Intro Video

-A private consultation with Kayley on Zoom

-7 trimester by trimester Guided Workout Videos

 (1 First Trimester, 2 Second Trimester, 3 Third Trimester Safe Classes)

Ready to feel confident, safe and stronger during your pregnancy? Purchase the bundle below. 

Want more one on one attention/accountability? Kayley works with multiple expecting mamas privately each week. Email for more information. 

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