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"If you need a phenomenal workout with someone that's going to make you smile and laugh while simultaneously having your whole body be on fire-- @TravelfitbyKayley is your girl!"

Giulia Griffith


Kayley's class is INCREDIBLE. She's not only an amazing instructor but her energy and positivity makes taking her class so enjoyable. I've been working out with her every week for almost three months and I can feel a huge change in my strength and a visible change in my body. Each class is different and each playlist is new and fun. Since she's constantly changing the workouts, they always feel fresh while still burning that full body sweat! 11/10 would recommend to ANYONE of any level of training. She shows alterations and you don't need anything except your body, sneakers and a towel, BECAUSE YOU WILL SWEAT. ;)
Thank you, Kayley!

Angela Gonzalez


Travelfit by Kayley is the best of all my yoga sculpt/Pilates/barre boutique classes wrapped in to one quick and fun 45 min class. The music rocks (her playlists are on repeat in my apt on the weekend) and even my boyfriend joins her classes! We are ALWAYS amazed at how hard and sweaty we get with just our own body weight! The cost and class time are nothing compared to the workout your body and mind get.

Jessie Resnick


“I have had the great fortune of learning from Kayley’s fitness expertise as her sister for many years! Of the many lessons she has taught me about health, my favorite is her emphasis on balance and body positivity. Her ability to practice a healthy lifestyle while also making time for food, fun, and socializing inspires me daily. She focuses on the whole person’s health (physical, mental, and emotional) when she teaches exercise. No matter where she is, she helps me find ways to squeeze in a high-intensity, efficient workout in a short period of time. She has also helped me make small adjustments in my exercise habits (like keeping my lower back on the ground during ab workouts) to maximize the impact and safety of a workout. I am truly the luckiest to benefit from her expertise, encouragement, and healthy balance as my sister and I have seen a similar positive impact on her fitness community.”

Cassidy Stevens

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Kayley is a knowledgeable, encouraging, and inspiring instructor! Her classes leave me feeling accomplished, invigorated, and sore in the best ways. I have definitely noticed a change in my body and how I feel since I started taking her classes. She also offers explanations about what area of the body is being toned with each exercise, which I find super helpful. To me, her workouts are the perfect length and intensity but can also be modified depending on ability level. I look forward to Kayley's classes and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a great workout!

Erin Rectanus


Kayley's workout classes have not only inspired me to workout more consistently, but her workouts have led to amazing personal results!! In pregnancy I lost majority of my core and glutes and thanks to Kayley and her upbeat, fun, energetic classes - I feel stronger than I have in a LONG time. I am so thankful for her and her workouts!! Love you Kayley!!!

Morgan Bailey

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“I am a professional dancer who, for a long time, claimed, ‘I hate the gym!’—primarily because I found it to be ‘boring’ compared to my dance classes, but the real underlying truth was that I just didn’t know what to do at the gym, or most importantly what was best for me as a tall woman with a flexible back, weak hip flexors, and injury-prone knees. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized more and more how important cross-training is for my body as an athlete—it just takes finding the format that works for you, knowing the correct way to execute it, and feeling encouraged in your improvement and growth, leaving you wanting more. Kayley has played the biggest role in this for me in the last few years, as my Trainer, my Inspiration, my Encourager and my Friend—all of these titles in which she EXCELS. Her formatted workouts, her knowledge about the body, and her caring eye and heart will make you feel seen and capable of achieving strength you didn’t know you had. Beyond that, she makes it possible for you to keep this healthy mindset and lifestyle no matter where you are, which is brilliant for someone like me who travels constantly for work. Thanks to Kayley, I no longer claim, ‘I hate the gym!’ In fact, I get excited to do her workouts and feel the best balance of challenged and powerful while doing them. I’m SO excited to now have @travelfitbykayley in my back pocket."

Courtney Brady


Travelfit is definitely toning and sculpting my body yet more importantly, Kayley is keeping my soul alive during these uncertain times. With her high energy and effervescent personality, Kayley gives me a release of endorphins during every class. Her exercises are so efficient and make me burn, sweat, and sore the next day with no equipment. As a fitness instructor myself, I admire her fast pace and flow of the class. Her dedication to fitness and her students goes above and beyond.

I have noticed a huge improvement in my plank strength via my abs and lats. She er challenging (and dislike at the time haha) but appreciate them later. Planks are such a mental game and I need Kayley’s coaching and encouragement to keep me going. Just yesterday I did a personal gain of a 2 sets of 20 Commandos!”

Sabrina Anderson

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