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Travelfit is a virtual fitness platform providing travel-friendly, zero equipment workouts that can be done from anywhere, at anytime. Founded by Kayley Lake, Travelfit hosts LIVE classes and private sessions every week. 



After traveling extensively as a dancer and working as a fitness trainer in NYC for several years, Kayley decided to create an online business specifically catering to bodyweight travel-friendly workouts. These workouts turned into virtual classes, which turned into an entire TRAVELFIT Community. Kayley loves showing people how fun fitness can really be.  She is fueled daily by her connection to clients and builds her class around versatile exercises, upbeat music and body positivity.


Due to Kayley's extensive dance training and qualifications in the fitness industry, our classes include a fusion of different training techniques including:




Bodyweight Training

HIIT training


Our classes are designed to cater to every level of fitness and can be adapted to your individual needs. Kayley comes up with new moves every week to challenge the body in this upbeat, music focused class. Every body part will be covered in 40-45 mins.



Real Experiences, Stunning Results


Angela Gonzalez

Kayley's class is INCREDIBLE. She's not only an amazing instructor but her energy and positivity makes taking her class so enjoyable. I've been working out with her every week for almost three months and I can feel a huge change in my strength and a visible change in my body. Each class is different and each playlist is new and fun. Since she's constantly changing the workouts, they always feel fresh while still burning that full body sweat! 11/10 would recommend to ANYONE of any level of training. She shows alterations and you don't need anything except your body, sneakers and a towel, BECAUSE YOU WILL SWEAT. ;)
Thank you, Kayley!


Want to train one on one? Private sessions are a great way to get personalized, effective workout programming. One on one sessions allow Kayley to truly mold the workout around YOU and your needs/desires.

Each week, Kayley hosts private online training sessions with clients from all over the world! 

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