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With this bundle, you will receive 6 videos and a free consultation to help guide you safely through exercising during pregnancy. As a pre and post natal certified trainer, and a new mom of a 1 year old, Kayley specializes in pregnancy training and helping women recover from birth (pelvic floor re-training, disastasis recti/ abdominal separation). 

After purchasing this bundle you will receive:

-One pregnancy modification/Intro Video

-A private session with Kayley on Zoom

-6 trimester by trimester Guided Workout Videos

 (1 First Trimester, 2 Second Trimester, 3 Third Trimester Safe Classes)

Ready to feel confident, safe and stronger during your pregnancy? Purchase the bundle below. 

Want more one on one attention/accountability? Kayley works with multiple expecting mamas privately each week. Email for more information. 



6 super gentle and safe postnatal exercise videos + 1 private zoom session/consultation with Kayley 

Does your core feel significantly weaker postpartum? Do you experience leakage or back pain regularly? 

If you're feeling like your pelvic floor isn't what it used to be, this program will help you. Ever "leak" when you jump, laugh, or exercise? This isn't considered "normal," and can absolutely be repaired! 

Whether you're several years postpartum or just a couple weeks, it's never too late to strengthen your deep core muscles and this bundle helps you do just that!

Whether you have one or two finger abdominal separation post-birth, or you simply never felt your core return to full strength after pregnancy, the opportunity to restore the abdominal wall is still HERE!

Focusing on breathwork and gentle theraputic movements, Kayley will guide you and demonstrate how to reduce and repair abdominal separation. Upon purchase of this program, Kayley will contact you to set up a one on one private consultation! Here, you will discuss your needs, receive an evaluation and proceed with a private training session.

As a new mom who just recovered from diastasis recti and an emergency C section, and someone certified in pre and post natal fitness, I understand the long process it takes to regain core strength after having a baby! In 6 months, I was able to close my 2 finger abdominal gap doing gentle breath-work and low impact exercises that were postpartum safe. 

My hope is to encourage you during your postpartum journey + to be there every step of the way as you heal and gain strength again! I want all Mama's to feel as confident and strong as they can during this phase of life. 

 Still have questions? Reach out at

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